EOWMG Icon Set

Icon Set

Project for Eyes of the World Media Group

Icon Set

School Project: This design project allowed us to explore creating a cohesive system and design a set of icons that were easily recognizable.

43KIX Slide

Terry Hines Associates Project: This is a presentation layout slide I created for 43KIX mobile ticket giveaways.

Pregnancy and Stress Infographic

Stress And Pregnancy Infographic

School Project: This project allowed us to work with a heavy set of information and present it in a way that was easy to understand. The idea was to show how social injustices effect us. This infographic shows the relationship of stress on a pregnancy and how to relieve that stress as well as how injustice and stress over a lifetime can have an impact on a womans body. Click on the image to see the full size infographic.

Distracted Driving Infographic

Distracted Driving

School Project: For this project we started with a infographic we found on the web, so we were able to focus on communicating the information without getting too involved in research. Through this process I gained a better understanding of hierarchy, and organization. Click on the image to see the full size infographic.

Beatles Infographic

School Project: This project was about taking a large timeline and making it more digestable through an inforgraphic. Click on the image to see the full size infographic.

Comissioned Football Ipad App

Our class was comissioned to create a Football Ipad app. My teams concept was chosen as the winning design. Unfortunately, I am unable to share details on this project.

The Reddit Game


School Project: The reddit game was created for a project where we were asked to create a game based on a social media website. I worked with Bob Kelly, Matt Pemberton, and Jared Fite on creating this game. Read about the gamehere.Note that the first two iterations are quite weak. I even have a hard time understanding how the second game is played anymore. The process created a complex conversation of how to make the game both fun, and as much like reddit as possible.

Local Food Movement App

School Project: As a group we wanted to create an easily accessible, comprehensive source for finding restaurants that locally source their ingredients, create a recognizable branding system to identify local restaurants from traditional style restaurants, and bring awareness of the benefits of supporting local food sourcing to the community. The app I designed helps connect consumers to their food source and share foodie experiences with friends. Ellen Littman, Lauren Weir, and Cody McCarthy worked with me to create a branding system, language style, and local food experience.

Snow White and The Huntsman Tab


Terry Hines and Associates Project: This is a proposed Interactive Facebook Tab. Within the 'gameboard' content from the movie Snow White and The Huntsman would become unlocked and visible to people who liked the Facebook page. The Tab was never created because of Facebooks switch to Timeline and their depletion of tabs.

DAAP Redesign

DAAP Redesign

School Project: For our seminar class we were asked to redesign the DAAP Website. The redesign was to both envoke the look and feel of our school as well as be easier to navigate.

AWK Website Design

DAAP Redesign

School Project: This project gave us a chance to explore a musical artist of our choosing and personify them through web design. My artist was Andrew WK. He is unpredictable, loud, and all about partying and motivation.

Panera Ad


Luxurious Animals Project: I worked on this Panera Web Ad layout for the Panera Soups Campaign. With direction to give the ad an organic feel, the ingredients are shown scattered but with deliberate placement.

I'm Not A Feminist…But

This is my senior capstone project. I created the Storyboards, Script, Assets & Animation for this video. I won Directors Choice for the motion category from the Directors of the College of Design, Art, Architecture, and Planning at the University of Cincinnati. There are many women who are afraid to confirm that they are feminists simply because of stereotypes, but this video is meant to help them feel more comfortable in daily situations explaining to people that feminism isn’t a dirty word.

Dark Shadows Cinemagraph


Cimarron Group Project: This is a moving image that I created for the movie Dark Shadows.

Save the Rhinos PSA

A short PSA I created in just a few days. This was for a contest for San Diego Zoo Global. The last 5 seconds were intentionally left blank for the Zoo to add their own endcard.

Panera Bread Brainstorm

Luxurious Animals Project: This is a video showing an early stage of the Panera Bread Rube Goldberg Machine. I helped to brainstorm ideas for this machine. I sketched out my ideas and used this video to show the motion. Explore the finished product created by the Luxurious Animals team. here.

Cat in the Hat Teaser

This was a weeklong project for which I created all of the assets, storyboard, and animation. The assignment was to make a teaser trailer from a children's book.here.

Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, Kinetic Type

School Project: This Kinetic Type Piece is from the movie "The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy." The typographic changes help to define which character is speaking. This along with the motion, timing and interaction with other objects, helps to display the the comic timing and panic of the characters Arthur and Ford.


School Project: This animation Starting and Ending with an Equilateral Triangle, was an experiment exploring shape.

Personal Photography

This is an example of some personal photography showing Depth of Field.

Color Correction

Luxurious Animals Project: While working on the Panera Soups projec

Close Up Photography

This is an example of some close up photography.

Close Up Photography

This is an example of some close up photography.

12 Hour Panoramic

This is a Panoramic Photography that I took over the course of a day. Using four photographs taken three hours apart from one another.